What's Touchpoint

Touchpoint Entertainment builds passionate and trusted relationships with brands, fans and clients while delivering Content, Communities and Commerce with LIVE Entertainment and more – delivered anytime, anywhere on any digital or Internet connected device.

We develop ‘touchpoints’ to engage digital natives and fans with unique, personalized engaging interactive experiences on a global scale. We aid and assist a mix of business models to drive new revenue streams and find new ways to monetize content and build engaged fans.

Touchpoint deliver authentic brand experiences worldwide and are specialist in social business design, innovation and digital disruption. Touchpoint bridges the gap between CONTENT, COMMUNITY + COMMERCE.

If you’ve ever shopped or bought merchandise online, downloaded music, watched a sporting or music video over the Internet or connected to work remotely, you’ve used the Internet and streaming. Now Touchpoint can help you deliver an authentic brand experiences to make your business even more innovative in today’s ‘always on’ and disruptive marketplace. Touchpoint helps business leaders, paradigm shifters and innovators transform their respect Industries while reinventing their business online.

Touchpoint can accelerate your business growth and, more importantly, remove the complexities of technology, social media, mobile marketing, big data. We can help  you can take advantage of the cloud, mobile, big data and media, while overcoming the challenges presented by security threats and the need to reach users globally.

Touchpoint can help you, and your business, embrace change and focus on driving your business forward. We’re here to help you take advantage of all the latest digital trends so you can concentrate on growing your business globally and embracing digital disruption. Brands, partners and customers trust our streaming platform to securely deliver high-performing user experiences to any device, anywhere and anytime. Reaching globally and delivers locally. Touchpoint, provides customers with unparalleled reliability in HD, massive buzz, worldwide reach, security, and visibility into online businesses. Touchpoint Entertainment shows you how to  future-proof your digital and online business.

Touchpoint builds industry leadership, increases customer intelligence, builds powerful databases and gains immense value from your ecosystem of connections. We have an immense ability to build meaningful legacies for our brands and clients, and believe in ‘paying it forward’ 

Touchpoint recognizes the potential of leveraging the power of ‘celebrity’ to benefit charitable causes. Touchpoint intends to create philanthropic opportunities for high profile sporting stars and team, artists, bands, non profits and individuals via our unique social media marketing magnification platform, big data and our global live streaming capabilities.

We believe, Good citizenship = great business.

Engagement Automation

Our Touchpoint engagement automation software is designed to impact fans globally by live streaming, social media marketing, mobile, programmatic marketing by consolidating, analyzing, and acting on multiple data sources with innovative creative solutions.

Data Aggregation

Touchpoint’s data aggregation capabilities, innovative data visualization tools, live streaming, mobile marketing and social listening solutions are best practice. We provide entertainment, corporate and sports properties and brands the ability to gather and analyze digital, social and real-world fan engagements globally. We excel at managing customer experiences across all 'touchpoints'.

Global Audiences

Our aim is to provide a global audiences and selected segments with the most engaging, creative, innovative and cost-effective entertainment and fan experiences via social media, mobile, live streaming, programmatic marketing, big data and CRM.

Our Vision

‘Touching people – anytime, anywhere on any digital device’

Building passionate relationships with our brands and clients while delivering Content, Communities and Commerce with LIVE Entertainment via streaming to over 1.6 Billion fans and more – delivered anytime, anywhere on any digital or Internet connected device. Touchpoint wants to be be one of the most important companies of this generation and believes when action meets passion and compassion – lives change.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become a cross between Amazon, Netflix and Live Nation – we will always evaluate new ways to grow the business and better serve our fans by meeting customer needs, using data to make decisions, encouraging and rewarding our super fans/consumers, always experimenting, innovating, offering amazing customer experience and upgrading and use technology to our advantage.

Our aim is to provide a global audiences and selected segments with the most engaging, creative, innovative and cost-effective entertainment and fan experiences via live streaming, social media, mobile, streaming, programmatic marketing, big data and CRM. We want to manage customer experiences across all touchpoints.

Our ‘Social Command Center’ delivers disruptive yet flawlessly LIVE Events to fans, brands, clients and partners at all ‘touchpoints’ on their Customer Journey. We are passionate to provide our clients, fans and partners with amazing experiences in every touchpoint.

We believe Cable is an antiquated and obsolete global concept in this cord-cutting, always on, digital world.

When fans and customers connect with us, they create a brand experience that clearly answers these criteria: ‘I love what this brand has to offer me’, ‘this brand does exactly what it says’, ‘This brand responds to my needs’ and ‘this brand cares about me and our future’

We believe most successful businesses today are ‘movements’ more than companies. Movements don’t market. Movements inspire, engage and innovate. Word of Mouth is our accelerant and rocket fuel.

Additionally, a Touchpoint mission is to integrate CSR into core business functions of our clients and brands to obtain triple bottom line: people, profit, planet (and touch those around us.)

Our Story

Touchpoint Entertainment, Inc. was formed at a moment in time of immense ‘Digital Disruption’, Paradigm Shifting, Generational Shift, Agility, Transparency and massive Innovation. Traditional old school thinking was abundant in multinational advertising agencies, the music and worldwide sport marketing industries. All were grasping for ideas, relevance and had lost touch with clients and fans. There were large tribes of forgotten, ignored and disoriented customers, buyers and fans starving for greater relevance in their lives.

The marketing and communications world had been thrown into chaos with the emergence of Napster, Tesla, Snapchat, Netflix, Facebook, Uber, Twitter, Airbnb, Hulu, TiVo, iPhones, Amazon and others as they spawned volatile ‘digital, social and mobile’ breeds that began permeating the human landscape from the 1980’s.

Digital Disruptors all in their heart start with the basic Mark Zuckerberg once state as his creed, ‘Move Fast and Break Things’. Just look at Airbnb which owns no rooms and Uber which owns no cars. Smashing established business models and thinking differently.

Touchpoint witnessed this desperate time as an era of disruption, cannibalism, fear and carnage. Disruptive technology moved at frightening speeds all around the planet as it swept all aside. Once powerful recording labels, sports teams, advertising agencies and brands sought salvation in this new landscape as plummeting sales and financial ruin brought them to the brink of destruction but they had lost their way.

Touchpoint realized that to survive, thrive and deliver in this new era, a new ecosystem was required, one that could ‘morph’ into a powerful, innovative, worldwide group as it harnessed and transformed ‘digital disruption’ turning it into a dynamic new global force.

Touchpoint had accepted the truth. Traditional marketing models are broken and unless brands, worldwide advertising agencies, music and sports industries and Hollywood adapted their industries they would die.

Touchpoint is purpose built for the dynamics of the digital age and, has a  “world-changing” ambition with a corporate culture that values team as much as the bottom line.  #CultureWINS

Touchpoint vowed to fight this death-spiral on these key levels by delivering global best talent and technologies, transformation, innovation and thinking, content, community and commerce, new weapons that deliver measurable results anytime, anywhere on any digital device, and corporate social responsibility in everything we do.

We understand that today’s customers and fans want engagement with brand, compelling experiences, loyalty and ‘zero-distancing’ from their stars, and they want to use and connect via their mobile devices to access SMS, streaming and social media, and merchandise – including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Periscope and more. They crave immediacy of street teams and concierge loyalty programs that deliver enhanced experiences.

Touchpoint follows the sun as well as the stars, and plans to deliver breaking news, classroom courses, breaking sport news and scores, concerts and Pay- Per-View for companies and governments. For organizations looking for content as well as a worldwide ecosystem, Touchpoint creates more buzz with greater global reach to drive sales.


Our typical working structure includes: Co-create exact scope of work, develop strategic plans, co-design strategic, ambitious and achievable roadmaps with benchmarks for new or revitalized the brand, social business or enterprise.

Additionally, in-person strategy meetings, regularly scheduled phone calls, consulting hours, community management hours, and weekly/monthly reporting. That being said, Touchpoint customizes each and every scope of work based on client business and marketing objectives.

Touchpoint is Technically & Technology Agnostic.
In addition to our team of community managers, Touchpoint staffs a world-class design, production, tech and development team that helps execute against strategic social media marketing, mobile marketing, live streaming, big data, programmatic marketing, branding and campaigns on all major social platforms.

We can also, if needed and/or required augment our team with: additional specific capacities in finance, sustainability, conflict resolution, executive search, gender equity, organizational transformation and more.

Touchpoint Believes

The love between a person and a brand doesn’t just happen. It has to be nurtured and touched. From the inside out, top to bottom. By listening and touching, with stories, environments, products and experiences that matter and build trust and loyalty. Experiences that TOUCH the heart. And, we believe TV no longer dominates media consumption and consumers have outgrown 60 and 30-second brands. We think, engaging experiences build stronger customer relationships and build greater differentiation and TOUCH FANS.

"We have a passion for well-told tales and storytelling. How they’re crafted. What they look like. How they sound. How they make us feel. What they make us do next."

We create fans rather than customers. Fans embody loyalty and fans become advocates. I think the question isn’t “what can we sell this person” but…”what can we do to create even more engaging customer experiences.”

We deliver authentic brand experiences worldwide.

We think most advertising is designed to shout at people until they pay attention. And I’d rather not shout. I’d rather just start a compelling conversation between a brand and its customer. Engage customers on their terms, as if they where sharing a coffee table. Encourage them to share. Then I like to measure whether that conversation made the brand, the publisher and the customer happy. We look to TOUCH hearts and minds. Simple.

Today, we believe a combination of larger ad formats, richer media, interactivity, mobile, streaming and video give online ads the broadest creative palette of any branding channel.

We excel worldwide at building customer acquisition, retention strategies and provide total brand integration and activation strategies.

"Touchpoint Entertainment is the generational shift from the “Mad Men” era - unlike many of today’s traditional TV oriented advertising agencies."

Additionally, unlike many other digital and branding firms, we’re not part of a marketing conglomerate. This independence enables us to comfortably partner with your existing agencies and to be objective about where your hard-earned marketing money is spent. We bridge the gap between existing IT, marketing and operations to engage stakeholders, employees and customers more effectively, and help create the kind of network effects and energy that characterize successful businesses of today and the future.

How we think

  1. We always create customer experience personas – emotional connections from day one
  2. Our teams focus on building and growing raving customers, fans and tribes
  3. Our social media marketing, mobile marketing and big data expertise lets us keep the buzz alive
  4. Our team is always focused on helping and personalizing individual attention
  5. We align our customer and fan experience with business objectives
  6. We focus on customer and fan behavior by rewarding our team and fans always and often
  7. We pioneered ‘cost impact’ on brands, customers and fan satisfaction, loyalty and brand image
  8. We know customer and fan experiences and expectations as they evolve over our campaigns, events and projects
  9. We identify all customer and fan journeys and ‘touchpoints’. These add up to their experiences with companies and brands
  10. Every customer and fan interaction is a ‘touchpoint’ and deliver authentic brand experiences worldwide.

Charity & Philanthropy

Touchpoint recognizes the potential of leveraging the power of ‘celebrity’ to benefit charitable causes. Touchpoint intends to create philanthropic opportunities for high profile stars, artists and individuals via our unique social media marketing magnification platform and live streaming services.

Touchpoint can successfully provide raving fans with exclusive access to ‘behind the velvet rope’ by magnifying the impact and reach of global musical artists, bands, brands and sporting teams.

Our service and global reach will deliver fantastic opportunities for high net worth individuals and socially responsible corporations to positively impact their communities through the delivery of a variety of programs such as unique scholarships, mentoring and other philanthropic programs. We will also seek to develop and facilitate ongoing or unique charitable events for all our clients including: celebrities, corporations, and non-profit organizations.

Touchpoint believe Fortune 500’s + Brands without purpose and corporate social responsibility (CSR) should NOT worry about ROI. They should worry about survival, digital disruption + relevance. Especially, because Millennials and Z’s will make up 50 percent of consumers by 2020 and they demand authentic brands with philanthropic initiatives and much ‘higher bar’ for ethic’s, morals and values than past generations of consumers.

Good citizenship = great business. Touchpoint endeavors to live up to our responsibility to society by being an economic, intellectual and social asset to each community, region and country and community in which we broadcast and live stream. The betterment of our society is not a job to be left to a few; it is the responsibility to be shared by all.

Touchpoint helps individuals, corporations and Fortune 500’s find meaningful ways to direct their charitable dollars to causes they care about. Are you supporting a non-profit  program?

At Touchpoint, we are committed to ‘paying it forward’. We understand Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goes well beyond embedding social, environmental and economic integrity into the fabric of our business. We aim to leverage our core skills and activities to help our brands and clients address CSR issues.

Our strategy will provide focus on three key elements: 

  1. Helping Brands, Corporations, Stars, Celebrities, Non Profit Organization and Sporting Teams achieve their CSR goals with maximum impact and efficiency.
  2. Doing the right thing, which means playing our part in promoting responsible business issues that are central to our operations – from the quality of our services and building an inclusive workplace, to our engagement with communities and our environmental footprint.
  3. Be the catalyst for change. This is how we use our skills, reach, scale, voice and relationships to work with others and influence activities that make a difference, create change and have a lasting impact on the world around us.

By focusing on these three key elements, we will deliver a Paradigm Shift for our clients and brands.

We’re in the business of influence + breakthrough

We focus on Strategy, BUZZ, results for our brands and clients

Go BIG, Digital Disrupt or Go HOME

Not only will Touchpoint Entertainment be the most exclusive live streaming and fan engagement platform for passionate fans today, our mission is to provide the most mesmerizing live music and riveting sporting events worldwide. Importantly, Touchpoint is destined to be the most powerful philanthropic platform in the world.

Although the company’s customer current awareness levels and reputation may be lower than Live Nation or Netflix, our business has a 81% Satisfaction rate, because it is a great site.

‘Airbnb is a category creator, offering something entirely different than hotels. The majority of Airbnb guests are staying in neighborhoods that don’t normally see tourists, going to local shops, and staying longer than the average tourist, This isn’t a zero-sum game’ ~ Brian Chesky, Co-Founder + CEO, Airbnb.

Our mission is to understand the live event fan and his/her Tribe. To do that we leverage multiple data sources. We want insights across all aspects of live event attendance and customer journey.

In the beginning of Touchpoint Entertainment, we stepped into something with many moving parts… we stripped that all away, to become the best at one thing: Fan Engagement.

Being as disruptive, mobile and social as we are, Touchpoint want to own the fan from the minute they walk through the front door…

When music artists like Shakira and Rhianna have a combined audience of over 250 million global fans on social media – every Fortune 500 Brand would love to impact a fan base of passionate engaged customers like that – that’s we’re we help

With our tremendous database in terms of live sporting, music events history, we can create unique, specific targets psychographically, demographically, behaviourally in terms of entertainment spend and affinity.

Our website can functionally do something better than any other company or promoter can do in the entire world.

Our top focus for the year has been on taking our website and advertising business to the next level, leveraging our content platform to create products we can monetize through third-party platforms.

Touchpoint fans get VIP access to their favorite sporting stars, bands and entertainment, buy tickets and share their passion and engage in a real-time interactive way.

Touchpoint excels at using real-time Big Data to anticipate and meet current and future needs of our fans and sponsors plus, the ability to build and insulate fan and tribe relationships.

Our business model isn’t based on the fan journey [of actual sporting event or music concert], it’s priceless because it focuses on everything that happens behind the velvet rope.

If you wanna be the best worldwide act, you need the best live streaming and fan engagement company in the world, Touchpoint Entertainment.

Touchpoint is the largest specialist LIVE streaming event platform ever built, and the most powerful philanthropic platform in the world.

Our Mission is to create long term shareholder value through providing genuine VIP care, intimacy and comfort to all of our fans, clients and partners. To ensure that the Touchpoint experience indulges the senses, instills exclusivity, creates unparalleled experiences, and fulfills even the unexpressed wishes and needs of our fans and tribe.

We are confident that our digital business model, and its scale, provides ongoing worldwide growth potential. There remain continued opportunities to consolidate the global concerts and sports business, and we will use that scale to drive fan monetization, merchandising, advertising and ticketing. Looking forward, we see this growth as sustainable and repeatable given the breadth of levers and trends currently working for us.

Our major asset today is our unique ability to control the fan experience with customization and leverage the big data and partnerships with sponsors, artists, the secondary ticket market, marketers, venues, technology and people

‘The music industry is a strange combination of having real and intangible assets: pop bands are brand names in themselves, and at a given stage in their careers their name alone can practically guarantee hit records.’ ~ Richard Branson

Touchpoint is in business to best serve passionate fans and tribes, and we do a better job of building passionate relationships, loyalty and engagement

We built a digital platform that said the artist should take the money on stage, and globally. We built a model that said, let’s not worry about the two hours on stage in one destination, but let’s make sure that we are making money from everything around the two hours worldwide. That’s why we built sponsorships and sell merchandise.

Touchpoint believe Social Media Marketing has connected the dots so that fans feel like they’re talking to someone at a company and less like they’re speaking to an answering service or a Ticket Company e.g. Ticketmaster.

The Music industry has not done a great job of letting fans know of what’s coming, recommended bands, what’s on sale tonight, generally lots of apps out there are doing it. We’re trying to do it better. I think we have a long way to go before we cross this line with fans.

Tech Savvy Millennials and Generation Z is our Sweetspot

We connect FANS with belief, their passions and behaviour

Touchpoint Entertainment does not follow Trends, she creates them

Our single most compelling benefit that separates us from our competition is:  “Privileged Access”

Touchpoint believe Big Data is the greatest word in the business world… few companies use it, fewer benefit from it, we have harnessed it.

As Ticket sales are continuing their rapid shift to mobile, with 35% growth in 2014 to 18% of total ticket sales. We see the reduced cost per ticket in North America alone (by almost $50-$150 per ticket) allows us to rapidly Expand our global footprint.

With our tremendous database in terms of live sporting, music events history, we can create unique, specific targets psychographically, demographically, behaviourally in terms of entertainment spend and affinity,

Touchpoint gets customer experience is the primary differentiator today and we love passionate fans’

You can change your circumstances by changing your mindset.

Not only will Touchpoint Entertainment be the most exclusive live streaming and fan engagement platform for passionate fans today, our mission is to provide the most mesmerizing live music and riveting sporting events worldwide. Importantly, Touchpoint is destined to be the most powerful philanthropic platform in the world.

We will continue to develop new tools for mobile devices in worldwide markets to make it easier for fans to get information on live events and conveniently
buy and sell tickets and acquire merchandise.

Our sustainable competitive advantage is our ability to create long-term and measurable customer relationships through our philanthropic and charitable contributions (augmented goods and/or services that have a high perceived value), which cannot be easily duplicated or surpassed by competition as they are tailored to each astute and heavily valued fan and country we stream from.

Geoff De Weaver

Hailing originally from New York; Geoff De Weaver is the globally experienced entrepreneur, technology disruptor, speaker and trend hunter behind Touchpoint Entertainment Inc. Touchpoint Entertainment Inc., the ‘next-generation’ Social Media Marketing, Big Data and Live Event Company – that streams live to over 1.6 Billion fans globally.

We deliver authentic brand experiences worldwide and are specialist in social business design, global branding, big data, innovation and digital disruption. I help brands bridge the gap between CONTENT, COMMUNITY + COMMERCE.

As a Chief Executive Officer + Founder, Geoff is always on the lookout for the latest business, music and sporting trends, digital disruption, innovation and paradigm shifts and opportunities. He focuses on the latest ways to engage with people (fans); from mobile and streaming technologies, to live events, music, sports marketing, charitable events, entertainment and customer/fan experience.

Geoff’s experience ranges from San Francisco based “start-ups to” running companies with gross income of $65+ million, EBITA 23.2% and staffing in excess of 5,000 globally. Geoff has led and held senior roles in some of the most influential worldwide: Brand, Direct & Digital Agencies worldwide including: Ogilvy & Mather, Leo Burnett, Ammirati Puris Lintas, DDB, Agency.com, Direct Partners San Francisco (Omnicom) and others within the US and worldwide.

Geoff is an American born Internet pioneer, entrepreneur, Trend Hunter and Social Media Marketing Strategist. He is a C-Level, Marketing Strategy and Communications Leader with Global Experience – including: US (New York City + San Francisco), Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Italy, Germany, Brazil, South Korea, Columbia, Finland, Hong Kong, Mexico, Netherlands, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, China, Indonesia and Canada.

Geoff’s personal mantra is: ‘When Action Meets Passion & Compassion, Lives Change’

Geoff commenced his Internet/Digital background while in Sydney, Australia and was involved in the marketing and advertising while his agency had Agency of Record (AOR) for Australia’s first listed stock on the NASDAQ, OzEmail Internet, trading symbol OZEMY. OzEmail listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) in 1998 and was ultimately acquired by MCI Worldcom for $520 M in 1999. Current Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull was his client during this period.

After pioneering the Internet industry in Australia and Asia Pacific in the mid 1990’s, Geoff moved to San Francisco and set up Omnicom’s (NYSE:OMC) first digital specialist agency with clients like: E*Trade, EA.com, VISA, Shutterfly.com, TiVo, Webvan.com and more. Past clients include: Microsoft, IBM, AT&T, Unilever, P&G, Acer Computers, EA Sports and more.

Geoff provides a great balance between strategy and execution with an international career building brands, customer experience, media, digital and ad tech brands into segment leaders.

He has expertise in: mobile, branding, streaming, social media marketing, marketing automation, social data, big data, ad tech, content marketing, monetization, payments, audience engagement, product innovation, startups, revenue growth, corporate and business development, negotiating and structuring partnerships, JVs, M&A, over-the-top (OTT) video, live events, and streaming video optimization.

Geoff is is among the most recognized global branding and social media strategists and influencers in the world and consults on digital transformation, innovation, change management, social business design and diversity.

Geoff excels at building customer acquisition, retention strategies, brand integration and activation strategies. Additionally, Geoff has served as a non-executive director, director and advisory boards.

Geoff also understands how to Integrate CSR into core business functions for brands and clients to obtain triple bottom line: people, profit, planet.



Geoff has a global 25-year background of representing some of the world’s most iconic worldwide brands including: Coca Cola, IBM, IMG, P&G, Microsoft, Nike, British Airways, Wells Fargo, E*Trade, Nestle, Air France, AT&T, VISA, Unilever, EA.com, Ferrari, American Express, P&G, Acer Computers, BMW, Shutterfly.com, Mars, Pfizer, OzEmail Internet, TiVo, EarthLink Internet and others.


Geoff has been featured in Advertising Age, Adweek, Media Post, New York Times, Marketing Magazine, B&T, Ad News, Campaign Brief, Ad Age Asia, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, Australian Financial Review, Marketing Magazine, Direct Marketing News, Direct, B2B, Brandweek, Mediaweek, Admedia, New Zealand Marketing Magazine, NZ Herald, National Business Review and numerous other US and Global publications.


Geoff is passionate about popular culture, disruptive + technology-driven methodologies, and is expert at bridging the gap between companies, their clients and their audiences or fans. Geoff utilizes the best tools/platforms/people and helps your business grow & develop engaging experiences. He shows clients how to take content, monetized it anywhere, on any device – not just one-to-one, but one-to-many via Social Media Marketing and live Streaming.

Our Team

Our growing roster of talent consists of leading branding and marketing experts, customer experience designers, digital pioneers, some of the foremost thinkers in social media marketing, mobile marketing, social business, and a group of experienced management consulting professionals and Academic’s seasoned in delivering organizational change. We bring an unmatched mix of proven expertise and forward-looking vision on behalf of our global clients in the social media, live-streaming, big data and global branding and production space.

"Touchpoint believes good citizenship is great business. We live up to our responsibility to society by being an economic, intellectual, and social asset to each city, country, and region where we stream a live event."

Geoff De Weaver

Our Specialties

Fan, brand and customer engagement specializing in: Live Streaming, PPV, Social Media Management, Fan Engagement, Social Content Management, Social Customer Relationship Management, Social Campaign Management, Brand Monitoring, Competitive Insights, Social Media Analytics, Social Audience Management, Social Reporting, Brand Stewardship, CRM, CMS, Connecting Corporate Sponsors, Social Relationship, Big Data, Mobile Marketing, Video, Video Marketing, Cross Chanel Marketing, Text2Win, Infrastructure, Managing customer experiences across all touchpoints.

Touchpoint excel at continuously monitoring and analyzing each fans behavior across every channel and in near-real time update the mood, purchase intent, and other predictive behavioral insight. Touchpoint helps Fortune 500 companies and global stars, teams, artists and events become more innovative, using customer/fan insights and trends to create brand strategy and to focus brand-led innovation across key product, service and fan/customer experience touchpoints.

We develop fan and tribe marketing programs that are purpose-built for global brands and events to drive business outcomes and manage customer experiences across all touchpoints worldwide.

Touchpoint are expert at boldly and precisely guiding clients through the persistently chaotic digital disruption in the global sport, music and film and entertainment space.

We create and deliver exciting and engaging experiences for our fans, tribe and customers love and enjoyment.
We deliver real-time, consistent and optimized experiences across the Internet, building communities and driving immense commerce.

Touchpoint Automation

Touchpoint has created a unique next-generation Ecosystem solution called Touchpoint Automation. We create personalized ‘touchpoint’ marketing experiences through our global, digital, mobile, live streaming, programmatic, cross-channel platform.

Touchpoint Automation, social media management, live streaming, mobile marketing, programmatic advertising and business intelligence are core pillars to communicating the value of our clients products or services, as well as converting, retaining and increasing the lifetime value of your fans and tribe.

Our platform combines these five unique solutions into one streamlined product to give you a true and up to the second view of every customer at scale and with actionable insights supported by campaign management. We tirelessly endeavor to satisfy ever passion fan at every step in the Customer Journey.

Touchpoint believes ‘fan insight’ is the Holy Grail of fan experience. We invest our time and resources to better understand who fans are and what they like and don’t like. Big Data is the key ingredient for gaining better and deeper fan insight. It plays a critical role regardless of the sport, event or the size of the organization. Analyzing fan insight is like solving a jigsaw puzzle. Individual pieces (data sources or systems) in “disconnected” states won’t tell the whole story.

TOUCHPOINT is passionate about growing and leading our partners and clients in this space. 

We deliver authentic brand experiences worldwide and are specialist in social business design, global branding, big data, innovation and digital disruption.


Our live streaming, global end-to-end broadcast and live streaming solution. It is an innovative, paradigm shifting suite of products and services especially designed to integrate user generated mobile, social and digital data into a live event or production and integrate with other digital publishing channels. E.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.

We excel worldwide at building customer acquisition, retention strategies and provide total brand integration and activation strategies.

Disciplines of Expertise

  • Develop Strategic Plans – Co-designing strategic, ambitious and achievable roadmaps with benchmarks for new or revitalized social business or enterprise.
  • Integrating CSR into core business functions for brands and clients to obtain triple bottom line: people, profit, planet
  • Social Media Strategy, Content, Audit, Monitoring and Training
  • Live streaming
  • Pay-Per-View
  • Production
  • Big Data
  • Story Development
  • Community management, empowerment + cultivation
  • Listening, monitoring – intelligence gathering and trend analysis
  • Advertising – TV, Print, Guerilla, OOH, Digital
  • Multi Channel Brand Strategy, Insights & Design
  • Research – Shopper, Trends, Analytics
  • Creative – online, offline, blogs and in-store
  • Digital Marketing
  • Media Planning & Buying
  • Public Relations, Outreach and Influencer
  • Video and Motion Graphics
  • Content Strategy, Creation and Development
  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.
  • Email and Outbound Communications
  • Client, agency and marcom integration
  • Event Hosting
  • Worldwide expertise in: Strategic Planning, New Business Development and overseeing: Account Management, Creative and Media Teams globally, penetrating new markets, negotiating worldwide media and creative/production contracts, developing initial Internet strategy, recruiting and training new staff, and holding complete worldwide profit and loss (P&L) responsibility.

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